Longitudinal Study of School Improvement Project

Description: Plan Indonesia implemented a three years School Improvement Project in Grobogan Central Java province, funded by Nivea and Plan German. The overall objective of the three years project is to improve the quality of basic education by empowering and building the capacity of key government and non-state education actors, therefore guaranteeing an equal access to quality primary education to all children. This study aimed to find changes after three years implementation and to collect substantive reality of the school-the facts of enrolment, buildings, teachers, students, school management, learning methodologies, and community participation.

Project Detail:
Year: 2012-2014
Area: Jawa Tengah
Type of Study: Baseline evaluation Longitudinal study Midline evaluation Performance evaluation
Theme/Issue: Basic Education
Methodology: Mixed method (quantitative & qualitative, adopted parcipatory research)
Partner: Plan International
Collaborators: -
Status: Completed
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